Booking and Usage Policies

The following documents can be downloaded as pdfs.

Membership Application Form

2006 Ford Trip Inspection Report and Hours of Service (Driver Log Form) Report

2001 Chevy Trip Report and Hours of Service (Driver Log Form) Report

“On the Road” manual for drivers

Booking a bus:

Bookings are handled through the Co-op’s service partner, MODO, the Car Co-op. MODO has a developed proprietary system called Engage, that allows for online booking and usage tracking, and controls the vehicles electronically through an electronic pass, or “fob” system.

Member agencies will receive an organizational number, and then each driver gets their own number. THIS IS YOUR MEMBER NUMBER. Agencies where the person booking the trips is not the driver can still access the system.

To make a booking:

Log in to the booking site or call MODO at 604-685-1393

  • Enter your member number and password.
  • The booking screen will show the available vehicles. Because of a special arrangement with MODO, Bus Co-op drivers are also able to use MODO’s fleet of vehicles. In most cases this won’t be relevant as MODO has few vans, the largest being for seven passengers.
  • The booking screen shows a grid with available vehicles and times of the day.
  • There are different filtering options—you can choose Langley only—and also select by date from a calendar.
  • If you hover over one of the vehicles it will give information about the vehicle. Clicking on the vehicle opens an information window.
  • Times when the bus is already booked show in grey on the grid.
  • You can select a time by clicking on the square for the start time and either dragging to the finish time, or just clicking on the square where you wish to end. Your selection will show up in green.
  • When you are satisfied with your selection click the Book It tab. The colour of your selection will change to light blue.
  • Fill out the memo field at the bottom of the page. This lets your agency see at a glance what the trip was for. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO IDENTIFY TRIPS TO THE USA.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to the email address of the person who made the booking.

Often it will be a recreation coordinator who books a bus. Any driver from that agency will be able to use their fob to access the bus, although that driver’s name does not show up in the software.

Booking Policies

When booking, reserve the bus for the whole time you will have it, even overnight hours. We need to know when the bus will be available for someone else to book. There is a maximum charge of $400 per day, including for overnight trips. There is no charge between 11 PM and 8 AM.

Bookings start on the hour or the half hour. The shortest length of booking is one hour and the longest is one 7 day week.

Book at least a week in advance or up to one year. If you have shorter notice, please call and check if a bus is available. Members can ask to be waitlisted in case a bus becomes available.

Cancelling a Booking: You can always cancel a booking.

Please give as much notice as possible when you are cancelling. Because most bus trips are booked well in advance, there will often not be an opportunity for someone else to use the bus when you cancel a trip.

At this time, we are not assessing cancellation fees. We will be monitoring the situation and may decide to charge cancellation fees in the future, especially for same day cancellations that are not due to inclement weather.

On the Road 

Download a pdf of the “On the Road” section for your drivers here.

Lateness:  If you think you are going to be returning late, call MODO at 604-685-1393. It may be possible to extend your booking.

At this time, we are not assessing late fees (penalties). You will be charged for extra time in half hour increments, but there will not be a penalty assessed. We’ll be monitoring usage and lateness over time, and if it becomes necessary to start assessing late fees, we will do so in the future.


Break down:

If you can’t start the bus due to an electrical problem,  call MODO at 604-65-1393. The MODO on-board engage system can use a lot of battery power and can drain the battery if lights or other devices are left on when the bus is not running. MODO can tell if it’s a battery problem.

If there is a mechanical failure, call DYNAMIC SPECIALTY VEHICLES at 604-882-9333. The Bus Co-op has a service contract with them and they will be able to assist, or arrange towing as may be needed.

“Fobbing out”: The “fob” controls the electronic system of the vehicle. “Fobbing out” locks the vehicle and disables the engine from being started. IT IS IMPORTANT TO “FOB OUT” EACH TIME YOU LEAVE THE VEHICLE. Otherwise, the vehicle is vulnerable to theft because the keys are inside. The charge for leaving a bus unsecured is $50.

Fuel: Member agencies are responsible for leaving the fuel tank at least one quarter full. The Bus Co-op supplies a fuel card in each bus so feel free to fill it up. If for some reason the credit card is declined, please pay the cost yourself and keep your receipts. You will be reimbursed by The Bus Co-op. This is the same procedure to follow until the fuel cards are fully operational.

Cleanup: Member agencies are responsible for general interior cleanup of the bus after their trip in preparation for the next client. The Bus Co-op will contract with professional cleaners on a once/month basis or as needed. If something happens and you need to spend money getting the bus cleaned, you will be reimbursed even if it’s your mess.

Parking and toll costs are the responsibility of the member agency.


Bus sharing is about sharing the costs and access to vehicles. It is not about sharing responsibility for infraction costs. If you get a speeding, parking or other traffic-related ticket your agency or driver will have to pay it. If the bus is towed or impounded during your booking, you will have to pay for the cost incurred to recover it.

Accidents: Be prepared

Make sure everyone is safe. If need be call 911. If it is safe to do so, move the bus off the road. Avoid discussing who is at fault.
Gather the following information for all vehicles and drivers involved in the accident:

  • Driver’s name, license #, state or province, contact information
  • Vehicle license plate # and year, make and model
  • Insurance information if the vehicle is not from BC. If there are witnesses, gather their names and contact information
  • Gather information about the collision scene including the date, the time, the weather conditions, the location, the direction each vehicle was travelling, and your vehicle in relation to the other vehicle(s)
  • Call The Bus Co-op to debrief and learn about next steps
  • If you need transportation for your passengers:
    • Call MODO to see if a different bus is available to pick up your passengers. MODO can also assist in arranging taxis or other transportation.
    • Utilize your own agency’s plans for how to deal with such emergency situations.

Insurance: Our insurance covers you to drive anywhere in Canada or the USA. It is a good idea to check the vehicle thoroughly to make sure there are no leftover items from a previous booking. That way, if you’re asked at the border, you can say with confidence that you know all the contents of the bus (or you and your passengers do).


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