Joining the Bus Co-op

The Fraser Valley Transportation Cooperative was incorporated on April 2, 2014.  Membership in the cooperative is open to agencies that provide transportation services to seniors and other challenged populations, and to other community groups with ongoing transportation needs.

We’re looking for new members!  Give us a call at 604-440-6222 or email us at to get started!

Each member organization takes on a number of responsibilities:

  • Appointment of a delegate to the co-op, who will represent the member to the co-op, attend general meetings on behalf of the member, and potentially serve on the board of directors
  • One-time purchase of a membership share in the amount of $7,500, refundable if the organization leaves the co-op, paid through the following options:
    • $7500 share equity in a lump sum
    • $7500 share equity in installments
    • $2500 share equity with $10 hourly usage surcharge towards the remainder
    • We have a bus to share (need to be determined by Board of Directors)
  • Provision of one or more qualified persons who will be drivers on their behalf. These individuals will be oriented/trained in the care and use of the vehicles and the Engage booking and electronic control system
  • Participation in the democratic process of the co-op
  • Use of the co-op’s buses

The co-op, for its part, will ensure that when a member needs a bus, one will be available. It will be clean, in good condition and fueled, and will be at a location that has been pre-arranged. The member need only book the use of the co-op bus online for the time needed, pick it up at the pre-arranged location and deliver it back to that location at the end of the time booked, with at least a half tank of fuel on board. Fuel is paid for by the co-op, either with an on-board credit card, or by reimbursing members who purchase fuel.

All co-op member organizations receive a copy of the co-op’s “Rules” and “Memorandum of Understanding” which are the co-op’s governing documents, as well as copies of operations and policy manuals.

Organizations interested in joining The Bus Co-op will generally first meet with one or more board members of the co-op to answer your questions, and explain how it works from an organizational standpoint. They can walk you through the steps needed to get the support of your own organization’s Board of Directors and provide helpful materials.

As you get closer to making a decision our STAR team will handle the details of share purchases, issuing share certificates, and will work with you to facilitate the transition to the co-op if your organization has been operating a bus in the past. Drivers and staff who plan the recreational activities need to be brought on board so the transition is smooth and comfortable for them. STAR and MODO together will orient drivers to the on board electronics and the Engage booking system.

To get started, give us a call at 604-440-6222, or email the board.


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