Our Operational Partners

With a volunteer board who all have full time jobs, The Bus Co-op has partnered with two other organizations to deliver services for the co-op.

The STAR program of BEST (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation)

STAR- Seniors Transportation: Access and Resources- an initiative of Better Environmentally Sound Transportation- is geared towards assisting seniors’ serving agencies in providing transportation solutions to their clients. STAR offers volunteer ride management software, web-based transportation planning tools, and online resources including a toolkit for elderly drivers and their families. STAR’s work with agencies in many areas of the province, including creating needs analyses and feasibility studies on transportation services, and undertaking a comprehensive inventory of agency and care home vehicles, gives STAR a solid background and unique position to work with The Bus Co-op.

STAR provides day-to-day operational and administrative support for the co-op, working closely with the Board of Directors and the other service partner, MODO


MODO, The Car Co-op, is North America’s first car-sharing cooperative, formed in 1997. Starting with six people and one car, it has grown to serve nearly 10,000 people with more than 300 vehicles. A practical demonstration of the value of sharing over individual ownership, MODO has become a world leader in car sharing and management. Along the way, it developed its own leading edge, proprietary car sharing software, Engage.

MODO provides its sophisticated Engage booking software and fleet management services to The Bus Co-op.

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